Whitehill Herefords pedigree herd of polled Hereford cattle are based in the heart of the Yorkshire Dales on our 200 acre farm at Burnsall, near Skipton.

With our traditional meadow grasses and upland terrain, the Hereford breed is well suited with its’ ability to thrive on low input grazing. The Hereford is renowned for having a quiet temperament and is clear to witness when handling them.

With a combination of A.I. sires, SMH King Size 87K, Gouldingpoll Goldspice, Normanton 1 Laertes and Wirruna Matty and our stock bulls Whitehill 1 Leicester, Hoghton View 1 Prancer, and our young stock bull Whitehill 1 Rockstar, Whitehill Herefords look to produce quality breeding bulls and heifers and steers for our beef box service.

Hi-Health Status
Whitehill Herefords are a member of the Biobest HiHealth Herdcare Scheme and our herd is accredited free from Johnes, IBR, Lepto and BVD.
We are a closed herd which allows us to protect our accreditation but we are still able to bring in new genetic lines via A.I.

Email: whitehillherefords@hotmail.co.uk

Telephone: 01756 720210               Mobile: 077799 20202